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Art source mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and frames dependant on what you require.


Available in 2 main size options:  


3ft x 2ft 

3.5ft x 2.5ft 


Mirror sizes can be custom made. They can be made smaller/larger depending on what you require. The price for this is available on request. 


Beaumont Wall Mirror in Gold or Silver

W (cm)130.00 

D (cm)1.70 

H (cm)90.00 




Hollywood Mirror 410mm


W300 x D85 x H410mm


Hollywood Mirror 600mm


W500 x D100 x H600mm


Hollywood Mirror Landscape 650mm


W800 x D170 x H650mm



W650 x D60 H800mm

  • Height:100cm
  • Width:200cm

Item Code-6801-AS


This full-length Hollywood Floor Mirror is just perfect for ensuring you look your best from head to toe when getting ready and feeling your best for special occasions such as weddings, parties or just for going out. 18 lightbulbs around the edge of the mirror provide even illumination from head to toe so you can clearly see just how good you look.


W800 x D120 x H1800mm 


W100 cm

D4.5 cm

H75 cm

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